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If I promise you wings book


Hold Still meets You’ve Reached Sam in this lyrical YA novel about one young woman’s journey through the Paris fashion scene as she chases promises, overcomes grief, and falls in love.


Seventeen-year-old Alix Leclaire dreams of becoming a renowned feather artist, creating statement pieces that define glamour and high fashion. As an intern at Paris’s premier feather boutique, trained by the alluring Raven, she works with the staff to construct wings for the dancers at the Moulin Rouge. 


But, with every feather she sews, the grief Alix has been evading looms. Her best friend, Jeanne, died months ago and, ever since, Alix has felt compelled to live as Jeanne did, taking risks she never would have before. Alix begins stealing feathers for her own use—a serious offense at the boutique—and loses herself in a passionate affair with Raven, who makes her his muse. When an old schoolmate named Blaise offers her solace and healing, she finds his memories of Jeanne overwhelming. 


Echoing the chaos and division in her heart, the wings that Alix creates take on a frightening and wild beauty. Living like Jeanne has given her everything she ever wanted—but at the risk of losing it all.

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If I Promise You Wings is a beautiful masterpiece. Vivid, immersive, and a heart-wrenching depiction of grief and healing, A.K. Small has written absolute magic.

-Rachael Lippincott, New York Times bestselling author of Five Feet Apart

A.K. Small is a conjurer of precise beauty. If I Promise You Wings is an exquisite tale of artistic ambition, the dreams of youth, the weight of friendship, and (of course) the thing with feathers. If you know, you know. An absolute stunner of a novel.

-Anna Godbersen, bestselling author of The Luxe series


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